At 20/20 we believe that a home inspection should be a friendly and educational experience for the client. Our inspection will help you to identify the positive aspects of the home as well as the items in need of maintenance or repair. To obtain the most benefit, we encourage your attendance and participation throughout the inspection.

bullet At 20/20, providing a quality inspection is our priority.
You'll have a state licensed, well qualified and highly experienced inspector who will perform a thorough and detailed evaluation of the subject property.
We offer explanations and maintenance advice regarding the various systems and components of the home as they are being inspected.
bullet The inspection findings will be presented in an accurate, impartial and professional manner.
bullet Our dedication to serving our clients is unwavering throughout the home inspection process, including available off-site consultation for as long as you own the home.
bullet As a professional courtesy, whenever possible, we ask that you please provide a minimum of 48 hours advance notice should it become necessary to reschedule or cancel an existing inspection appointment.

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