At 20/20 we provide inspection services on apartments, condominiums, single family and multi family dwellings, as well as investment type properties, and gladly provide inspection services for the more complex and exclusive homes often found here in Connecticut. See the following list for many of the components typically included in our inspection:


bullet Roofing, Chimney and Flashings
Gutters and Drainage
Siding, Trim, Doors and Windows
bullet Decks, Porches, Patios and Stairs
bullet Driveway and Walks
bullet Landscape and Grading
bullet Retaining Walls
bullet Electrical Service Entry
bullet Attached or Detached Garage
bullet Out Buildings (if ordered)
bullet Wood Destroying Insects


bullet Attic, Ventilation and Insulation
Interior Living Areas
Bathrooms and Related Fixtures
bullet Kitchen and Built-In Appliances
bullet Windows, Doors, Stairs and Rails
bullet Foundation and Basic Structure
bullet Crawl Spaces (if accessible)
bullet Electrical and Plumbing Systems
bullet Heating and Cooling Systems
bullet Wood Destroying Insects

NOTE...Only visible and accessible areas can be inspected. Every effort should be made to have all areas of the structure accessible. Please insure that all utilities and systems are in service to avoid return visits. If a return inspection is required, an additional inspection fee will apply.


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