At 20/20 all inspections are performed in accordance with the State of Connecticut Home Inspection Standards of Practice. We are also guided by the nationally recognized standards of the home inspection industry, and conduct all business to the highest of professional and ethical standards.


bullet Each inspection is custom tailored according to the individual job requirements.

bullet The report carefully details and rates all inspected items and systems according to the inspectors’ findings and makes recommendations as deemed appropriate.

bullet Our comprehensive report can be printed and presented on-site upon conclusion of the inspection using leading edge technology.

bullet We also have electronic report capability and prefer to email a PDF report file when circumstances permit. This is a practical alternative to the on-site report when providing services to out-of-town clients, dealing with a complex property or looking to minimize the amount of on-site time.

bullet Included with each report is a Summary, Maintenance Guide, Connecticut Home Inspection Standards of Practice, and a Presentation Folder.

bullet Color photos of pertinent items can also be incorporated into the report and must be requested in advance of the inspection (additional fee applies).

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